Award Categories

Sustainable Green Innovation Award

Climate Change is one of the major challenges facing the world today. This Award recognises an Agribusiness/individual that has an innovative eco-friendly approach which promotes biodiversity, protects the climate and environment, restores or preserve land and water for use for future generations.

Dare to Defy Award

This award recognises a female who has been able to challenge the odds to make significant impact thought to be impossible. The judges will be looking out for an individual who has been able to overcome limitations such as inadequate access to finance, training, stigmatisation, disability, economic hardship to running a successful agribusiness.

AgTech Innovation Award

This award recognises a female providing solutions in the Agribusiness value chain through technology. This technology can be a mobile app, web, software, electronic devices or machinery that increase crop yield, forecast weather, improve animal health, reduce waste, connect buyers to sellers, crowdfunding or improves scalability.

Covid-19 Agribusiness Resilience Award

The impact of the global pandemic on women-led agribusinesses throughout 2020 has been unprecedented. This award recognises an agribusiness that has overcome the challenges Covid-19 presented her business with and is back strongly on the path to success. The judges will be looking for agribusiness/individual who has shown resilience in the face of adversity, and how she has managed to get back on track to achieve growth.

Role Model Excellence Award

This eminent award recognises an Agribusiness leader  who has been an effective role model to other women in the industry. The judges are looking for leadership and agribusiness achievements, as well as examples of being a role model and inspiring other women to succeed in African Agribusiness.